“Trouts don’t live in ugly places” - Betty Hiner

We all appreciate the beauty of the places we fish. We want our gear to look good and perform well. Nothing says performance and good looks in the fishing world like a custom fly rod.

I craft the finest in custom fly rods, reel seats, and grips using nothing but the finest materials in my custom crafted products. Exotic hardwoods, hardware from top manufacturers, and other beautiful materials are artfully combined to create your Custom Fly Rod.

Custom Fly Rod
Your custom rod will be crafted on the finest in graphite, fiberglass, or bamboo blanks from top manufacturers like Batson, American Tackle, St. Croix, Sage, Orvis, Winston, Thomas & Thomas, and many more. My bamboo blanks range from entry level to custom tapers from top rated craftsmen. Whatever you are looking for, I can provide.

Are you concerned about cost? You needn’t be. A high quality, personalized Custom Fly Rod can often be had for less than many off the rack factory built rods. Each blank used in a custom fly rod from Colorado Custom Fly Rods, Ltd. is carefully set up to maximize the performance of that particular blank, regardless of who made the blank. This provides outstanding “fishability” from even inexpensive blanks. Components are carefully selected and combined for optimum performance as well as aesthetics. Colors are carefully combined to make your custom fly rod look as good as it casts, as well.

Go get yourself a cup of whatever you like to spill on your keyboard and hang around a bit. Let owner and builder, Kevin Proctor build you the custom fly rod of your dreams.

Scout Rod1
I build:

Custom Fly Rods in Fiberglass, Graphite, and Bamboo
Custom Reel Seats in a wide variety of exotic and domestic hardwoods
Custom Grips made to enhance your rod or project