This is where we can start to build a custom fly rod just the way you want it.

The basic rod includes:
  • 2 pc Tier One Blank chosen for your style and purpose
  • Value reel Seat in chrome or black
  • Factory Cork
  • Single foot guides in chrome or black
  • single color wraps
  • divided Rod Tube

All rods are setup by locating the spine and static testing guide placement to ensure that your rod will perform the best it possibly can.

Only the most common options are covered. If you need something different from what is listed, please call and we can get it going for you.

My Custom Fly Rod
My Custom Fly Rod
Let’s get started! Just go through the options and make your choices. When you have your rod setup the way you want, add it to the cart and checkout. This cart is different from that on the Store page and any items you have in that cart will not show up in this one. This is for rod pricing only. You will not be asked for any money at this time. During the checkout, you will have an opportunity to add a note with any additional information you feel is necessary like colors or theme you would like the rod to have. When you complete the process, I get an email telling me you are interested and what you have in mind. I will call or email you as soon as possible to discuss your rod further.

Not all options will work with each other due to blank availability, size, or other limitations. Just because you can choose the combination does not mean it is possible or in some cases should be done. Again, we will be talking to iron out any of the sticking points.

Is this rod a gift?
Rod Length
Reel Seat
Grip Style
Wrap Styles
Thread Color(s)
Alignment Marks
Rod Tube
$ 260.00

*Tier 1 blanks are most blanks from manufacturers such as Sevier, Batson, American Tackle, and others. I have a wide variety of these blanks available to suit almost every need.

**Tier 2 blanks are blanks from companies such as St. Croix, TFO, and some custom blank manufacturers.

***Tier 3 blanks are from companies like Sage, Winston, Thomas & Thomas, and most custom blank manufacturers.

#Tier 1 Bamboo are imported bamboo blanks of good quality for those that want to try a bamboo rod without the high cost of a fully handmade blank.

##Tier 2 Bamboo are blanks based on some of the more popular tapers in the most popular weights.

###Tier 3 Bamboo are blanks made 100% by hand by master craftsmen right here in the US. These blanks are custom made to your specifications. This means it will take longer to complete as well.

Note: Bamboo blanks include two tips, a rod sock, and aluminum tube.

Reel Seats

* Tier 1 Reel Seats are all aluminum seats and some “Dynawood” type seats.

**Tier 2 Reel Seats are aluminum skeletons with “common” hardwood inserts like Rosewood and Cocobolo as well as some others. Most Acrylic Reel seats fall in this category. These are most commonly turned in my shop.

***Tier 3 Reel Seats are Aluminum skeletons with high end, rare exotic woods. I hand select the woods and turn the reel seat inserts in my shop.

****Tier 4 Reel Seats are the top end. The hardware is solid nickel silver or other metal with the finest woods for the inserts. The price shown is a starting point.


Factory Cork is just that. It is a cork grip if good to very good quality pre-made.

Custom Turned Grips

*Tier 1 grips are fit to your hand and turned from extra grade cork with burled or composite cork added for interest. These are hand made in my shop.

**Tier 2 grips are made with the best cork we can obtain. At your request, they may include burl, composite, antler, or wood trim to match the Reel Seat. These are hand made in my shop.

***Tier 3 grips are Tier 1 grips with wood accents added.

****Tier 4 grips are made from highly figured barks with cork burls, exotic woods, antler and possibly other materials and are designed and hand made here in my shop. The bark is prepared from it’s raw state and transformed into a work of art for your rod.


All single foot guides get locking wraps to help hold them in place. Double foot guides are twice the work to wrap. REC Recoil Guides and Snake Brand Guides are both double foot guides. You don’t get any better than Snake Brand Guides without making them yourself.


1 Accent Wrap is a single color wrap with one other color used as an accent. This can be one or more turns and may be at the foot of the guide or in the center of the wrap.

2 Accent Wraps would be two different colors of accent wraps, or a single color accent in multiple locations on the wrap.

3 Accent Wraps would be two colors of accents in multiple locations like a main wrap, silver, black, silver arrangement.

4 Accent Wraps are over the top and very time consuming. An example would be Silver, Black, Silver, Main, Silver, Black, Silver on a single foot guide


A 50% deposit is required to start your rod and is non-refundable. The rod will not be placed in the rotation until this deposit is received.