The rods pictured below are just a few of the many I have built for folks just like you. If you see something you really like, click on the picture to be taken to a photo album for that rod.

Rod 46-Tom McHugh-0
This is another military rod on a 9', 4pc, #5 American Tackle Matrix blank. I used Lignum Vitae for the reel seat and trim on the grip. The graphic incorporates a Huey Helicopter from the Vietnam era behind the name.

Rod 45-5
This is a little 7' 3pc #3 rod built on a green American Tackle Matrix blank. Very simple with a rosewood seat, reverse half wells grip and chrome snakes wrapped with olive tipped with metallic bronze.

This is an 8' 4pc 5w built on a St Croix SCIII blank. The reel seat is Olive Wood from Bethlehem. I get it direct. The grip is dark and light cork burls, green cork burl, Flor grade cork with Olive Wood accents. A Pacific Bay snake type stripper and single foot guides are wrapped with medium brown thread tipped with bronze metallic. A jungle Cock inlay sets things off.

This is a little 6’, 2 pc 3w Bamboo rod I put together. The reel seat is Oak Burl behind a Rattan wrapped grip. The thread is maroon tipped in black. It’s a fun little stick!

This an Air Force themed Military Rod built for a retired Bird Colonel after 27 years of service. This is built on a 9’, 4pc, 5w American Tackle Matrix blank with nickel reel seat hardware and hard chrome guides. The reel seat was turned from ebony as were the end pieces for the grip which are separated from the carbon finer center section by aluminum and blue acrylic accent pieces. The guides are Wrapped in Air Force Blue with Silver accents.

Bamboo Military Rod
This is an 8’, 2pc, 2 tip bamboo rod made on a Leonard 804 taper. The grip is a custom turned Fenwick style grip in front of a nickel silver down locking reel seat with a teak burl insert. The snake guides are wrapped with black silk tipped in gold.

This rod is an 8’ 2pc 2 tip bamboo rod with a bit of a Southwestern flair. The nickel down locking reel seat has a turquoise composite insert. The cigar grip has Cottonwood bark ends and green burl cork accented with turquoise bands framing Flor grade cork. The REC Recoil guides are wrapped with turquoise silk. A Jungle Cock inlay and Jungle Cock alignment marks set it off.

This 9’, 2pc, 3w is built on an American Tackle Green Matrix blank. The nickel reel seat has a Lignum Vitae insert. The same wood was carried into the grip with green burl cork and black banding framing Flor grade cork. The single foot guides are wrapped with olive thread accented with bronze metallic at both ends of the wrap.

This little rod should be a kick to fish. 6' 6" 2pc 3w on an American Tackle Black Matrix blank. Down locking reel seat with sycamore burl insert, cigar grip, and black single foot guides wrapped with olive and old gold accent wraps.

The owner's name and military service in Iraq are commemorated on the butt section.

These rods can be done for any branch of the service for you, a friend, or a loved one.

This was done for the Ranger at the larger Scout Camp in the Denver Area Council, BSA. I incorporated some elements of the camp into the rod but did not want it to be a completely Scout themed rod.

The cocobolo insert was turned for the BUL5 hardware in bright chrome. The grip is done with burnt cork, cork burls, and Ponderosa Pine bark from the camp. I used garnet thread with gold accents on the chrome PacBay snakes. The customer's name and the brand for the Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch is worked into a decal over gold liquid leaf.

This rod was built for my brother to commemorate his service in Vietnam in the US Army.

It is a 9', 4pc, 5w built on a Sevier blank in matte black. The reel seat hardware is TiCH Batson BUL5 with a teak burl insert. This is where the symbolism starts. Teak is a very common wood in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos. It was chosen for this reason. It was also a kick butt piece of burl. The butt cap was enhanced with an Army Seal. There had to be some Army Green on the rod, so the grip was turned with extra grade cork and green burl. The Black Pearl Snake Brand guides are wrapped down with black nylon tipped in gold nylon. There are metallic gold liar's marks at 12 and 16 inches.

This is built on a TFO TiCRx blank, 9', 4pc, 5w. It is a very fast blank.

The A7 reel seat hardware frames a zebra wood insert. The grip is burnt and burl cork bracketing cottonwood bark with honduran rosewood accents. The guides are Snake Brand Universals. The humongous TFO graphic is covered with mostly black thread, a decal with the customer's name on it over liquid silver leaf, and liar's marks. Wraps are Cobalt Blue with light blue metallic accents.

Scout Rod1
This Rod is a theme rod. I know some folks don't like theme rods, but to me, they are truly custom as they are built with inspiration from a specific source.

The reel seat is a Pacific Bay A7 with Ponderosa Pine Bark from Camp Tahosa for the insert. The grip is Moose antler framing Ponderosa Pine Bark accented with American Walnut and Olive wood. The TiCH single foot guides are wrapped with colors from the current Boy Scout Uniform. The pants are real close to the color of the blank. The shirt is tan, and the old red numerals have been replaced with olive green ones.

The moose antler represents the resident moose at Tahosa and each side of the 6 joints in the 7pc rod are representative of the 12 points of the Scout Law.

This rod has been donated to the Tahosa Alumni Association to help with the efforts to restock Lake Tumblesom at Camp with self sustaining brook trout after recent dam repairs so the boys have fish to catch for many years to come.

This rod is available for sale. The American Tackle Matrix blanks are cool in green, but absolutely awesome in black. This is a nice combination. 9', 5pc, #5 with a TiCH Pacific Bay A7 Skeleton with an ironwood insert. The grip is custom turned with extra grade cork and cork burls. Guides are Pacific Bay TiCH single foot wrapped with black nylon, no CP, and Metallic Pewter accents. A simple blue dun hackle and Jungle Cock inlay set it off.

This little rod is a 7’6” 4pc 4w built on a custom ordered blank with a medium fast action. The grip was stained Dusty rose and wrapped in rattan with Dusty Rose Metallic accents. The black single foot guides are wrapped with Bubble Gum Pink thread and Dusty Rose Metallic accents. The reel seat insert? What else? Rosewood!

This is a 9’ 4pc St. Croix SCV 4w. The wraps are olive with bronze and black accents, no CP. I added measurement marks at 12, 16, 20, and 24 inches. I turned the grip with green burl accents to go with the rod color a bit. I do turn grips for this guy a bit larger to fit his hand a bit better.

This is a 9', 4pc, 8w salt rod built on my favorite blank, the Sevier Tiger Eye. Pacific Bay aluminum reel seat in TiCH and TiCH guides wrapped with medium brown with metallic copper and black accents. Feather inlay over tan thread in front of the custom turned grip and fighting butt which is capped off with a Colorado State Quarter for the butt cap.

This is a fun little rod. It's built on a St Croix SCIII 7'9", 4pc, 3w blank. The Struble D-2 in nickel silver and teak insert backs up a custom grip turned a bit oversize for the customer’s hand and accented with green burl to go with the blank. A Golden Witch agate stripper leads to chrome single foot guides wrapped with light gray silk wraps tipped with black. Jungle Cock inlays finish it off.